"virtually urban, really rural"

Technology developer focusing on drones, software development, telecommunications and trade.


We take a special interest is in the rural and remote areas of the world. Why? Because no one is truely providing solutions for these areas to bridge the divide. Everyone is just following everyone else. Skylinkinvent is a pioneer in what it does for rural areas. We even have a drone based solution as psuedo-satellite for rural communications. We are using Papua New Guinea as our test case to tune our technologies. We are open to partner globally.

Skylinkinvent is the creator of SkyFi, which is our WiFi platform that is being rolled out in Papua New Guinea in collaboration with telcos and ISP's in the country.


We also have the WanTALK Messenger app which delivers a messaging platform as well as  trade functionality. (Anderoid App available on Google PlayStore).

In 2018, Skylinkinvent was nominated by the PNG Business Council to represent Papua New Guinea at APEC 2018. Miniters of Trade meet and at the Senior Officials Meeting 3.

In 2019, the government of Papua New Guinea launched the WanTALK Messenger app.

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Our Services

Cloud Solutions

Cloud based technology make our services conveniently available anywhere there is an internet connection

Network Solutions

We are focused on rural connectivity because no one else is developing that technology


We add value to solution providers; telcos, ISPs, Security/Surveillance, Education, Government

Inspirational Quotes:

“We APEC member economies are brought together by the Pacific Ocean. I was looking at the vast ocean when I boarded the ship, and it struck me that we are all indeed fellow passengers in the same boat. Let us keep the steering wheel steady and paddle in the right direction so that the ship of the global economy will brave winds, break waves and sail to a brighter future.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping,

APEC 2018

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