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Telcos, Internet Service Providers & OTT

Skylinkinvent is a value adder. We form partnerships with telcos and ISPs to add value through technology. Technology has changed so much these days that applications sit on top (OTT) of traditional telcos and ISP services. That OTT layer is where a bigger economy exists. This is how our WanTALK Messenger app adds value to our partner telcos and ISPs. The WanTALK app is more than a social media platform like WhatsApp. The WanTALK app is a platform that its users can use to interact with each other.


With our WanTALK app for example, revenue streams for telcos and ISPs increase exponentially from the OTT (over-the-top) applications that are billed using the WanTALK digital currency (Mobile currency to be announced soon in collaboration with Telikom PNG).

We provide tech solutions in VSAT and Wireless connectivity for our customers in collaboration with our partner telcos and ISPs. We therefore do not see our technology as competition for telcos and ISPs but rather as value-addition.

In 2019, Skylinkinvent has already launched it's WanTALK system. Skylinkinvent is now collaborating with government, SOE's and

corporates to deliver its services to the country of Papua New Guinea.

Banking & Financial Services
SkyFi via VSAT (Alotau, PNG)

Financial Inclusion, Anti-money laundering, Digital ID, Digital Currency, Blockchain. These are all services are deliverable our WanTALK app. The WanTALK app was launched by the Government of Papua New Guinea on August 15th 2019.


Online Education and general awareness will be conducted via the WanTALK app connecting partners such as i-College (in Papua New Guinea) and others internationally.

Security & Surveillance

Nowadays Security and Surveillance/Monitoring go hand-in-hand with good communications. Skylinkinvent provides this service for our customers. In Papua New Guinea, we have partnered with the Defence Force to provide technology solutions that will give sufficient capacity for the country in this area.

Surveillance of Papua New Guinea's vast resources in the sea, land and air is not possible without modern technology. Skylinkinvent is the conduit that makes this technology available for our partners that need it.


Good information systems in government helps good governance. Skylinkinvent believes in partnering with governments to build better more transparent information systems to aid good government. In Papua New Guinea, the WanTALK app is going to be first used by the Department of Justice & Attorney General for it's end-to-end encryption capabilities.

Skylinkinvent is also in talks with government (through the Censorship Office) to filter content coming into the country from abroad.

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