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UNDP WriteShop Project Resources

This is the resource page for a UNDP WriteShop Project conducted in Papua New Guinea.  This project was funded by the UNDP FREAGER program, GCF (Global Climate Fund) and supported by CCDA (Climate Change Development Authority). This page is available for participants to access resources for the UNDP WriteShop project that are not included in the WriteShop Resource Book.

Click on the images below to download these resources.

Or click here to access the Registry of project submissions from the 4 provinces  (East Sepik, Morobe, Milnebay and Eastern Highlands Province)

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Useful docouments (click to download):

Energy Efficiency Handbook for Local Communities

This handbook educates readers of what is involved in implementing an EE&C programme for your household, building or industrial site. The handbook will only discuss ways to reduce the usage of electrical energy in buildings.

EE Handbook for Local Communities_edited

Handbook on Community Micro Hydropower Minigrids

This handbook covers information on off-grid MicroHydro Power systems that produce AC (Alternating Current) electricity for rural communities. For this handbook, Micro-Hydropower Systems are classified as those having power outputs from 5 kW up to 100 kW.

Handbook on Community Micro Hydropower M

Handbook for Community Solar PV Minigrids

This handbook covers information on solar PV minigrids (PV Panels, control system, batteries, and standby generator) that produce AC electricity for rural communities off-grid. The handbook information focuses on minigrid sizes of 5 kW to 500 kW

Handbook for Community Solar PV Minigrid
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